People’s Coalition on Climate Change – COPENHAGEN

Release of Community Charter on Climate Change

As the clouds of climate change crowd our world they condense into a vision of apocalypse now. Possibly the greatest threat humanity is facing since the birth of the earth.

A unique coalition of climate communities from forests and deserts, mountains and plains, coasts and inlands have come together showering rays of hope in this despair. These communities covering ten states, six different ecosystems have over the last one year deliberated processes to bring forward community perceptions and the possible solutions to climate change.

CMAC was excited to be a part of this event which was choreographed and designed by us. It was a pre event trial at New Delhi held at Speakers Hall, Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi on October 28, 2009 before the UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE, COPENHAGEN which was on from 7 Dec – 15 Dec 2009

The event was supported and facilitated by Christian AID Foundation along with the partners- Dakshin Foundation, Deccan Development Society, DRCSC, Ekta Parishad
JUDAV, Living Farms, MARAG, North East Network, SPEECH, TNWC.