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Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC)

CMAC is a leading nonprofit strategic communications and advocacy agency working on social justice, public interest and environmental causes. Conceptualized and established with New Delhi as its base, CMAC employs the aesthetics of media and art to create communication campaigns and education as well as advocacy materials on a range of socially critical issues including human rights, culture and public health.

CMAC employs an intersection of culture, design and media in its communication strategies. It facilitates and provides a platform for production, avenues to exchange and mainstream ideas, and dialogue in the visual and performing arts spaces as well. The key objective of the organization is conceptualizing and implementing specially designed campaigns, mounted on excellent technological skills. It works with visual and audio communication utilizing traditional media, conventional advertising techniques as well as modern technology with the intention of informing and creating awareness. For nearly two decades the organization has developed projects and campaigns through different practices such as new media design, performance, video, public and community based art and dialogue, sound and other experimental modes of cultural productions.