Culturally Speaking

CMAC implemented its program on Cultural Diversity through a traveling exhibition, CD-ROM, Instruction manual, music album, music videos and other media products.Through thisprogam CMAC reached out to diverse communities in India in informing and sensitizing people on the cultural diversity, peace and pluralism as embedded messages in Indian culture .

In this project CMAC employed different art practices such as plastic arts, performing arts, architecture, design, film and photography. The media material created was used in conjunction with workshops and exhibition on cultural diversity and religion. These served as awareness tools and educational materials for community groups, schools, colleges and other diverse constituencies.

CMAC is currently engaged in partnership with the Ministry of Culture in India on a comprehensive training programme for teachers which gives them information and training ideas on various aspects pertaining to Indian culture. CMAC has focused on subjects such as food, clothing, architecture, language, mathematics, games etc. which are part of daily life as well as can draw inspiration and impact the young mind. CMAC is in the process of this campaign through the centre for Cultural resources and training, a training wing for teachers across the country.

Culturally speaking is supported by Prince Claus Fund

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