Hum Sab

Hum Sab: Celebrating Cultures of Resistance

Vidya Shah 
Thematic Music
Songs composed and performed by: Vidya Shah
Electric/Acoustic Guitar: Kishan, Ranjan Sharma, Wasim Ahmed
Keyboard: Aniruddha Chaudhuri
Chorus: The Music Group, Manzil, New Delhi

Music arranged by: Ranjan Sharma, Wasim Ahmed and Vidya Shah
Producer: Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC)
Copyright for Lyrics with Lyricists, for Compositions with the Composer.

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Music and poetry have played an important role in raising discussions on issues of social justice, against communalism and towards responsible citizenship. There have been efforts in the past by groups like IPTA to use poetry and music to kindle a spirit of questioning the given order. Sadly this repertoire is now unfamiliar for many.

This album is an effort to reverse a void that has come to be in the understanding of cultural protest. The songs in this collection have been sourced from various sources, and the music is a contemporary amalgamation of Indian, Western and Middle Eastern sounds.

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