Kaaya – Beyond Gender

Transgender communities have existed nearly everywhere across the world for centuries. The personal, emotional aspect of the transgender’s life has rarely been explored and is certainly not understood by the majority of people. To be a human with feelings just like anyone else, yet to be discarded/disowned by one’s own family or community is one of the hardest truths to accept. This fate befalls them simply because they are transgender. Rejected by their families, they pick up the pieces of life and try to live, albeit in a climate of oppression and often with no helping hand. Though they are outcast from society, like all of us, they seek societal approval. Exploring their lives, their friendships and families, their interactions, fears, and habits reveals and confirms what they themselves say-‘transgenders are people too.’

A book was published by CMAC at the occasion.

CMAC, Gtz, Sahara

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