The Exhibition for Schools

CMAC has designed and curated an exhibition highlighting cultural symbols and practices that foster syncretism in the country. The “travel-friendly” exhibition has been displayed by organizations and institutions across the country. It was designed keeping in mind local cultural esthetics, rituals and practices. For instance, in Gujarat a Hindu ritual related to death and the concept of the "departing soul" culminates only when the potter, usually a Muslim, breaks the sacred thread tied across the pots he creates. This very important ritual that exists even today symbolizes for the Hindu community the notion of "Moksha"(liberation). These examples will also allow the viewer to contextualize the local history in a Pan-Asian setting Exhibition details: 20 panel exhibition, modular display structure, lights, a video monitor and player.Research, Text, Image collection, Design, Execution, Modular Structure, 5 Films of 10 minutes each