Shamlat Abhiyan

The Shamlat Abhiyan is a campaign by the Foundation for Ecological Security tShamlat Abhiyan LogoApno Bhavishya o create awareness and initiate collective action on the issue of Commons. The Commons or Shamlat span across the rural and urban, rich and poor, taking under its winggrazing lands, forests, groundwater levels, ponds and brooks, indigenous knowledge, the internet, parks and pavements. The campaign has been on in Rajasthan for over a year, and will soon be launched across other states in India.

CMAC had been one of the chief media 
organizations working on the campaign. 
It has worked with the Foundation for 
Ecological Security to create a set of three
television spotsthat are being telecast 
over a month on ETV Rajasthan. The spots
have created a buzz about the idea of the
Commons, engaged with the present state
of crisis due to encroachment, and 
emphasized the call for democratic action. 
They have been widely appreciated by client 
and audience alike.

CMAC continues its work on the campaign 
through the planning of innovative media 
and communication strategies, along with 
other work such as print ads, logo design, etc.
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Shamlat Abhiyan_Spot 1

Shamlat Abhiyan_Spot 2

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