Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC)

CMAC works in the field of culture, design and media. Its role has been to create an interface between artists from different genres, to facilitate and to provide a platform for production, cultural exchange of art and ideas, and dialogue in the visual and performing arts. A key objective of the organization is conceptualizing and implementing specially designed productions mounted on excellent technological skills. 


Ongoing Projects

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Indian Women on Record: The Film

A contemporary female musician embarks on a journey to trace the beginnings of the first expeditions of European sound engineers to India, the transitions brought about by the gramophone in the consumption of music and the invaluable contributions of women singers who laid the foundations of what later evolved into the Indian Music industry.

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Janaam Suna Karo








Young People Sexual Health 

Young people are changing every day, every moment. Along with this, so are intimate relationships and young people’s ideas on sexual and reproductive health and gender. On the other hand issues of sex and sexuality are still wrapped and covered in silence. 




Women on Record - It all began a little over a hundred years ago when Indian music was first captured on technology. This changed the listening experience of music perhaps forever. It opened a new chapter and paved the way for the making of singing sensations, stars and redefined the world of entertainment in ways that we still see some impact into the 21st Century.


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Sound. Art. Technology (S. A. T. )-  Centre for Media and Alternative Communication in collaboration with the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) organized ‘Sound, Art, Technology’ (S.A.T.) on 20th and 21st February 2013 at New Delhi, India. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations additionally supported the event. S.A.T. also collaborated with ITM University, Gwalior to present a performance by Swiss jazz Ensemble ‘Orbital Garden’ on 23rd February.

Sound, Art, Technology was an international collaborative sound and music festival. Through performances, productions, presentations and discussions, the festival engaged with the impact of technology on production and dissemination of music over the century. The inter-disciplinary artistic project was aimed at being a synthesis of music, visual art and technology and brought together artists from across Europe and South Asia to create a collection of visual and performance art, short films and live performances.


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