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THINK THROUGH - This seminar brings together artists, historians, musicologists, filmmakers, art and media institutions to disseminate and discuss the issues and the ideas that arise from the project. It focuses on the role, the idea of touring companies, the construction of the music market, the voice hierarchy, the gendered performer and status of women professionals in the entertainment industry.

Seminar held at Lecture Hall, New Building, IGNCA, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi on 29th - 30th March, 2010

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Prominent Speakers and their topic

Amlan Dasgupta - Professor, Jadavpur University - Editor, Music and Modernity: Indian Music in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Kolkata: Thema, 2007). Kolkata
Embodied Voices: The Gramophone Company’s Recording Tours, 1904-1907

Urmila Bhirdikar - Professor, Delhi University - “Performing Gender”:  A Presentation on Balgandharva, Hirabai Badodekar and Goharbai Karnataki

Prof. Nanda Kumar - Professor at IGNCA - The Recorded Sound: Ideology and Aesthetics

Saleem Kidwai - Noted Historian and James Beveridge Scholar Jamia Millia, Research on Tawaif in Indian Cinema - Kotha to Company: The final chapter in the history of the tawaifs. 

Suresh Chandvankar - The head of the Society of Indian record collectors, Mumbai -
Listening session 1:  The Many Singing Baijis

Listening Session 2: Remembering Gangubai Hangal

S. Kalidas - Music Scholar - Women On Record: memories of mobility and transition 

Dr. Deepti Priya Mehrotra -  Gulab Bai: A Life in Nautanki Theatre and Music urf ‘Kalyug ki Saraswati’

Dr. Steve Hughes - Anthropologist, School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS, London University, Who is currently in Chennai on a visiting fellowship. Chennai - “Play it again Saraswati: the gramophone and religious practice in colonial south India”

Dr. Partho Datta - Asso. Professor, Zakir Husain College

Vibodh Parthasarathy - Associate Professor, Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia University - Media & The Making of Selling: The Gramophone in Urban India

Shikha Jhingan - Professor, Journalism, LSR (Lady Sriram College) - Female Voice in Hindi film Song: Cassette Technology and the Need for Aesthetic Reordering 

Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam - Musician and scholar - Extensive research on Tamil Composers and performers in early 20th Century. Bangalore/Chennai



Women on Record - Seminar