Sound. Art. Technology. (S.A.T.)

20th February, 2013, Lawn, Max Mueller Bhavan

The S.A.T. opening night brought together live performances by a diverse range of musicians across Europe and South Asia. Performances by Swiss Jazz Ensemble ‘Orbital Garden’ featuring musicians Don Li and Vidya Shah, German folk artiste Petra Rehwald and Bundeli folk musicians from Madhya Pradesh made S.A.T. a true blend of classical and folk music traditions and technological innovation.


The need to revisit going away traditions and reinvent them in the age of rapidly changing technology was touched upon by two more performances of the evening. A rustic presentation of Bundeli folk music by members of Abhinav Sanskritik Manch (Sagar, Madhya Pradesh) set the mood for German folk artiste Petra Rehwald’s performance on the Bavarian string instrument ‘hackbrett’, accompanied by musicians Gulam Ali (Sarangi) and Satish Solanki (Percussion) – creating a synergetic space for the interaction of European and Indian music traditions.


The S.A.T. opening night was made truly memorable by Swiss Jazz Ensemble ‘Orbital Garden’ (Switzerland) featuring Don Li (Clarionet, Programming, Composition), Vidya Shah (Vocals), Tian Bosshard (Drums and Bass) and Peter Scherer (Electronic Programming). Through raag-inspired music and nirguni texts, Vidya Shah worked with the group through a complex rhythmic pattern in this one hour performance titled ‘Tread Carefully through the Forest’. ‘Orbital Garden’ presented an interesting new cross-over music and touched the very core of the festival through its minimalistic yet creative use of technology to create never before heard music.


S.A.T. took the ‘Orbital Garden’ performance to Gwalior on 23rd February with a collaboration with ITM University, Gwalior. ‘Orbital Garden’ performed to thunderous applause and cheers from over a 1000 students at ‘Kronos’, the annual music and arts festival at ITM University.