Sound. Art. Technology. (S.A.T.)


Centre for Media and Alternative Communication inWEATHER VANE collaboration with the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) organized ‘Sound, Art, Technology’ (S.A.T.) on 20th and 21st February 2013 at New Delhi, India. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations also supported the event. S.A.T. also travelled to Gwalior on 23rd February with the support of ITM University, Gwalior


Sound, Art, Technology was an international collaborative sound and music festival. Through performances, productions, presentations and discussions over 20th and 21st February, 2013, the festival engaged with the impact of technology on production and dissemination of music over the century. The inter-disciplinary artistic project was aimed at being a synthesis of music, visual art and technology. Some of the central themes of S.A.T. explored were:

·         Creativity, culture & technology

·         The technological revolution in tools of creativity and innovative use of

·         Distribution, access, size & scale of reach

·         Innovative use of technologies – mobile phones, i-pads, applications for

          mobiles and tablets




S.A.T. was an effort to understand artistic and visual practices today as emanating from several locations, and speaking in multiple voices rather than from a canonical centre.It tried to understand how present day technology creates opportunity for innovation and can thus work to revitalize going away music and art traditions.


The S.A.T. Festival brought together artists from across Europe and South Asia to create a collection of visual and performance art, short films and live performances. Through a vibrant evening of performances and an interdisciplinary conference, S.A.T. evolved a creative space for the interaction of artists, academicians and professionals to discuss and innovate with sound and technology.




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