The singing Diva of her time, Kesar Bai belonged to the community of Goekarins, women musicians associated to temples in Goa. She had her initial training from Kirana Maestro Abdul Karim Khan at Kolhapur for a short span. She also learnt from Pandit Bhaskar Bua Bakhle and Barkatulla Khan. Although her taleem in Jaipur Gayaki, which she is known for, began with Ustad Alladiya Khan in 1912 but the period of training was very small, just for four months. It is said that Khan Saheb refused to take Kesar Bai as her disciple but her patron Seth Vitthaldas Dwarkadas somehow made Allahdiya Khan Saheb agree to educate her and the rigorous training went on continuously for ten years from 1921 to 1930.

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